American Prospector Treasure Seeker
provides gold mining equipment, metal
detectors & supplies throughout the United
States. Our mission is to educate the general
public on the techniques of gold panning, gold
mining, sluicing for gold, drywashing for gold,  
and metal detecting, relic hunting. We
appreciate your interest and encourage you to
consider becoming members of the GPAA and
local GPAA chapter clubs.

In addition to the wide selection of gold
prospecting equipment, gem prospecting
supplies and metal detectors you can also join
us on our gold prospecting, sluicing,
drywashing and treasure hunting, metal
outings.  Want some pointers?  Join
our outings and enjoy the company and
benefit of the experience and knowledge you
can gain being out with other prospectors and
treasure seekers!  All ages and experience
levels welcome.

Metal detecting for gold is a growing gold
mining method which can have a big pay-day
with patience and perseverance! You'll find a
great selection of metal detectors detectors,
Fisher detectors, Minelab detectors & Garrett
metal detectors, not just for our gold mining
enthusiasts but for the treasure hunting
minded as well!  No matter if your heart is set
on finding gold nuggets, coins, jewelry, relics
or old buried treasures, there's a metal
detector out there to fit your needs and we're
happy to help you!
minelab metal detector Inland Empire
fisher metal detector Inland Empire
garrett metal detector Inland Empire
whites metal detector Inland Empire
JOBE Tools Gold Mining Equipment
Gold Buddy Gold Mining Equipment
Arizona Gold Nuggets
Gold nuggets found in Arizona 2014
These beautiful gold nuggets, found
metal detecting/nugget shooting in
Arizona in 2014, are confirmation to
those who may be wondering "is there
really still gold out there?"
Keene Gold Mining Equipment
Falcon Metal Detector Gold Pinpointer
Apex Pick
"It's Your Right To Prospect and Mine on Public Lands"
Nature ~ Our Great Outdoors ..... It's Intended to be Enjoyed & Explored by All
Support the
PLP as They Support Our Way of Life
"Public Lands for the People" ~ PLP
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PLP - Public Lands for the People
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Mainline Custom Sluice Boxes
Garrett Metal Detector Temecula Riverside County
To place your order, please call 951-676-2555.  In stock
items will ship same day or next business shipping day.
28900 Old Town Front Street
#101, Temecula, CA 92590
Shipping Available
Throughout the U.S.
To place order, please call
or email:
Store Hours
Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri, Sat 9am - 5pm
Sunday: 10am - 4pm  
Closed Wednesdays
Lay-Away Options
Gift Certificates Available
gold mining supplies temecula
gold panning supplies temecula
American Prospector
Treasure Seeker

What's In Your Pan?
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