gold cube sluice concentrator
Gold Cube 3 or 4 Stack

Gold Cube Concentrator

Gold Cube
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Gold Cube 3-Stack Deluxe
Item #: GC-3  $389.95
• One Slick Plate
• Two Separator Trays
• Stand
• Pump
• Hose
• Hose Adapters
**12V Battery Not Included**
$25.00 in store credit OR
FREE ground shipping
Gold Cube 4-Stack Deluxe
Item #: GC-4  $479.95
• One Slick Plate
• Three Separator Trays
• Stand
• Pump
• Hose
• Hose Adapters
**12V Battery Not Included**
$30.00 in store credit OR
FREE ground shipping
The Gold N Sand X-Stream Hybrid Pro is designed to work creeks and
streams or totally submersible with the ability to replace the valve gasket
in the field.  The new valve is designed to eliminate clogging and spitting
(forward flow) while still using our tried and true leather cups.
GS-X-STREAM: $129.00
X-Stream Hybrid Pro Gold N Sand
Gold N Sand
Hand Dredge
Hybrid Pro
"Gold Banker"
$320.00 (stainless steel)

Add the topper classifier to your Gold Cube and increase your
production tremendously. With the topper classifier, your gold cube
will be shovel ready.  The punch plate is anodized, or it's available in
stainless steel (best for use in salt water).

Gold Cube Topper Classifier

Gold N Sand Hand Dredge

gold n sand sluice header
gold n sand header box
Designed to fit into a standard 10" sluice box, the Boomer Box allows you to pump directly into your
sluice box rather than into the bucket when using your Gold N Sand hand dredge..  Imagine finding
the right spot, sniping the rich sand, right into your sluice box! Then easily process your
concentrates, all with the same device.
Item #: GS-BB   SALE PRICE:  $39.95
Regular Price: $49.95  

Gold N Sand Hand Bommer Box

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