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Gold Buddy "Pony" Gold Mining Drywasher
This little unit is just slightly smaller than the original Gold
Buddy standing 38 inches tall. The recovery box is 21"
long and 9" wide, and the complete drywasher weighs
only 15 pounds.

(1) Newly designed leg system. The drywashers are
manufactured with the legs attached with a base plate
that easily attaches to the legs
(2) New one piece recovery tray is completely removable
for easy cleanup.
(3) Electrically isolated recovery box: The newly designed
recovery box is completely electrically isolated so that the
static charge builds quicker, stronger, and does not
dissipate quickly.
(4) New Uni-Bearing shaker assembly with steel fan
blades. A simple one bearing shaker system is very
effective. A metal dust cover keeps dust out of the sealed
bearing for years of maintenance free service. The steel
fan blades are guaranteed to never need replacement.
(5) 5 year limited warranty for defects in workmanship.
Does not cover normal wear. See warranty for details.

Hoppers & Recovery Boxes:
They all have aluminum hoppers and recovery boxes that
are precision crafted from aircraft grade aluminum.

Grizzly, Legs and Riffles:
The grizzly, legs, and riffles are made of zinc plated steel
for years of durable rust free service.

Folding Leg System:
Gold Buddy drywashers all feature newly redesigned
folding leg systems. The legs are plated steel thin wall
square tubing and are shipped attached to the drywasher.

Blowers & Hoses:
The three smaller drywashers come with a 3 inch air hose
stock, #-5128. They will run on any quality 3 inch, 2 cycle leaf
, see the J-5581 Gold Ore Super Vac or the
K-HVS Hi Vac wet/dry system below.
gold buddy medium drywasher J-5728
drywasher hose - gold mining
Gold Buddy Medium ~ Pony
The "Nugget" Package
* Medium Gold Buddy Drywasher
* 3" Drywasher Hose
* Hose Clamps
* Working the Drywasher Instructional DVD

Item #: J-5728-Nugget
SALE PRICE: $375.95
Regular Price: $469.00
-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  
Gold Buddy Medium ~ Pony
The "Picker" Package
* Medium Gold Buddy Drywasher
* 3" Drywasher Hose
* Hose Clamps
NOT Included)

Item #: J-5728-Picker
SALE PRICE: $365.95
crack vac - drywasher motor blower
keene drywasher blower HVS
gold mining blower hose
JOBE Gold Ore Super Vac
Item #: J-5581
SALE PRICE: $382.95
$375.00 with the purchase of your
Gold Buddy Drywasher.
Regular Price: $424.95

The JOBE Gold Ore Super Vac is still the
most powerful gas powered vacuum designed
for gold prospecting. This little workhorse
sports the new Echo PB251 gas blower with a
25.4 cc two-cycle engine that delivers about
30% more suction than some other gas
vacuums on the market. The engine also has a
5 year factory warranty from Echo and is
extremely quiet with a catalytic converter. The
vacuum comes complete with a 6 foot long 2
1/2 inch vacuum hose, a gold grabbing vacuum
crevice tool, and two-cycle oil for the engine.
The discharge of the blower can be used to
power a drywasher and comes complete with a
quick disconnect to allow quick attachment of
the drywasher hose.
Hi Vac Wet/Dry Vacuum
Item #: K-HVS
SALE PRICE: $382.95
Regular Price: $425.00

Powered by a quality ECHO
blower this powerful nothing
you've ever seen before. A
perfect companion for your
drywasher, it alleviates the
frustration of not being able to
remove material off rough
bedrock where the untouched
gold deposits rest. Includes a
6' long, 2-1/2" vacuum hose
and a plastic crevice nozzle.
Drywasher Hoses
Jobe 3" drywasher hose
Item # J-5128: $15.95

Jobe 4" drywasher hose
Item # J-5129: $29.95

Keene 3" drywasher hose
Item # K-140AH: $54.00

Keene 4" drywasher hose
Item # K-151AH: $63.00
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