Gold Buddy Pony Drywasher

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What's In Your Pan?
The Gold Buddy
Pony (medium) drywasher
Total Height: about 43" tall.
Recovery box:  24" L x 10" W
Weight: approximately 27 pounds.

Gold Buddy drywashers are made in
California by JOBE Tools, and are
warranted for 5 years for defects in
workmanship from the date of
purchase. This warranty is to the
original owner and includes
everything except bearings, and the
cloth in the recovery box.

Hoppers & Recovery Boxes:
The Gold Buddy Pony drywasher has
an aluminum hopper and recovery
box that is precision crafted from
aircraft grade aluminum.
Grizzly, Legs and Riffles
The Pony dry washers grizzly, legs,
and riffles are made of zinc plated
steel for years of durable rust free
Folding Leg System
The Gold Buddy Pony dry washer
features a folding leg systems. The
legs are plated steel thin wall square
tubing and are shipped attached to
the drywasher.
Blower & Hose
The Gold Buddy Pony drywasher
comes with a 3 inch air hose stock,
#-5128 and will run on any quality 3
inch leaf blower.  (see the J-5581
Gold Ore Super Vac or the K-HVS Hi
Vac wet/dry system below)
drywasher blower motor gold prospecting
drywasher hose - gold mining
Item #
Reg. Price
Jobe 3" drywasher hose
Jobe 4" drywasher hose
Keene 3" drywasher hose
Keene 4" drywasher hose
JOBE Gold Ore Super Vac
Item #: 5581
SALE PRICE: $382.95
$375.00 with the purchase of your Gold Buddy
Regular Price: $424.95

The JOBE Gold Ore Blower/Super Vac is designed for
optimizing your gold prospecting opportunities. This little
workhorse sports the new Echo PB251 gas blower with a
25.4 cc two-cycle engine. The engine also has a 5 year
factory warranty from Echo. The vacuum comes complete
with a 6 foot long 2 1/2 inch vacuum hose, a gold grabbing
vacuum crevice tool, and two-cycle oil for the engine. The
discharge of the blower can be used to power a drywasher
and comes complete with a quick disconnect to allow quick
attachment of the drywasher hose.
Drywasher Hose Options
-      -      -      -      -      -      -       -      -      -      -      -
Our Blower/Vac Options
Keene 3" Drywasher Blower Crevice Vac Combo
This is a Makita Blower
Item #: K-HVS SALE PRICE: $403.75
Regular Price: $425.00
NEW! No more mixing gas!!

This powerful vacuum cleans out cracks and crevices like
nothing you've ever seen before. The Keene HVS (Makita)
blower vac will work well for any 3" dry washer, such as the
Gold Buddy & Keene 3" models. The Keene HVS  alleviates
the frustration of not being able to remove material off rough
bedrock where the untouched gold deposits rest.
* 6' 2-1/2" vacuum hose
* plastic crevice nozzle
*and a special crevice tool
Gold Buddy Air Force 4 Cycle Blower
Gold Buddy Air Force 4 Cycle Blower w/ 4 in discharge
Item #: J-5718

Will easily operate any of the Gold Buddy drywashers
including the Gold Buddy Super Stallion drywasher.

* 4 Cycle Engine NO NEED to Mix Oil and Gas
* Variable Speed Throttle
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Gold Buddy Pony Medium Drywasher
Purchase your Gold Buddy Pony drywasher and receive a 9
Piece set
"SE Bucket Classifiers" FREE
(pictured above)
**Shipping charges will apply.**
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Gold Buddy Medium ~ Pony Drywasher
Item #: J-5728 Includes
* Medium "Pony" Gold Buddy Drywasher
* 3" Drywasher Hose
* Hose & Clamps
* Working the Drywasher DVD
* FREE 9 PC classifier set pictured above
Item: J-5728 SALE: $449.95
Regular Price: $499.95
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Item #: J-5728-A Includes
* JOBE Gold Ore Blower/Vac  (Item J-5581)
* Medium Gold Buddy Dry washer
* 3" Drywasher Hose
* Hose & Clamps
* Working the Drywasher DVD
* FREE 9 PC classifier set pictured above
Item: J-5728-A SALE: $832.90
Regular Price: $924.95
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Item #: J-5728-B Includes
* Keene HVS Blower/Vac  (Item K-HVS)
* Medium "Pony" Gold Buddy Drywasher
* 3" Drywasher Hose
* Hose & Clamps
* Working the Drywasher DVD
* FREE 9 PC classifier set pictured above
Item: J-5728-B SALE: $853.70
Regular Price: $924.95
Keene Matkita Drywasher Blower