keene puffer drywasher dw212v - electric drywasher
Keene 151S Gold Mining Drywasher
Item #: K-151S-PKG ON SALE: $1,559.95
Reg Price: $1,749.00
(Includes drywasher, new & improved Briggs & Stratton
engine, hose, clamps)

A favored drywasher amongst many, the Keene 151S
drywasher will keep gold diggers busy without hesitation.
You'll appreciate its capability to run material and capture
your gold and more of it....even the fine stuff!
Keene DW212V  Puffer Drywasher
Item #: K-DW212V ON SALE: $764.00
Regular Price:  $849.00

The Keene DW212V puffer/electric drywasher is quiet, light,
compact, portable and efficient. You have the option of
electric or the easy turning hand crank. The over-sized
Marlex hopper has an adjustable flow control to provide an
even flow of material with increased capacity. The dual riffle
design greatly improves fine gold recovery and has a snap
latching system which makes removal of the riffle tray a snap
for clean up.

Keene Drywashers

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drywasher hose - gold mining
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Jobe 3" drywasher hose
Jobe 4" drywasher hose
Keene 3" drywasher hose
Keene 4" drywasher hose
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Keene 151S drywasher
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Keene 140S Drywasher
NEW:  Keene 140S Drywasher (new version)
Item #: K-140S-COMPLETE SALE: $1,035.00
Reg Price: $1,150.00
(Includes drywasher, Keene HVS blower, hose, clamps)
Click here for details on new Keene 140S

Purchase the new Keene 140S drywasher ONLY
Item #: K-140S-A
SALE PRICE: $629.95
Regular price: $699.00
(Includes the 140S drywasher only)

Purchase the new Keene 140S drywasher with hose & clamps
Item #: K-140S-B
SALE PRICE: $674.95
Regular price: $759.00
(Includes the 140S drywasher, hose & clamps)
Keene 190/191 "Almost Dustless" Drywasher

This Option - Model 190 Includes:  
Drywasher, legs, wheels And for a limited time we'll throw
in the hose & clamps at no additional charge!!
Item #: K-190  SALE $1,259.95
Regular Price: $1,469.00

Model 191 Includes:
drywasher, blower, legs, wheels, hose & clamps
Item #: K-191  SALE $1,934.95
Regular Price: $2,149.00
Keene 160/161 Mini "Almost Dustless" Drywasher

This Option - Model 160 Includes:  
Drywasher only - and for a limited time we will throw in the
hose & clamps at no additional charge!
Item #: K-160  SALE $715.95
Regular Price: $851.60
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Keene 160 161 drywasher
Keene 190 191 Drywasher
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Gold Panning Supplies
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Makita 25cc Blower/Vac Combo
(Included in the 140S Complete Package Option)

Item #: K-HVS   SALE PRICE: $393.50
Regular Price: $425.00
NEW! No more mixing gas

Keene Engineering  HVS Vac-Pack   *Blower Only Option*
The Keene blower system "HVS" runs all day on just one gallon
of gasoline and can literally vacuum and clean gold deposits
from cracks & crevices.
snake guards - snake protection gold mining
snake guardz
Medium: 9"-14" Circumference of calf
Large: 14"-18" Circumference of calf
X-Large 18"-23": Circumference of calf
Item #: J-6340
ON SALE:  $74.95
Regular Price: $82.49
Keene 161 Drywasher With Blower & Hose
Model 161HVS Includes:
drywasher, 4-cycle blower/vac
system, hose & clamps
Item #: K-161HVS
SALE $1,098.95
Regular Price: $1,220.00