mainline recirculating sluice
Main Line Recirculating Sluice: $179.95
Use it as a cleanup sluice or use it to prospect with!  The Main Line
custom recirculating sluice is only available here at American Prospector.  
Length: Approx 4' 9"       Width: Approx 10"
Deep V mat length: Approx 38"
Weight: Approx 10 lbs

*Sluice stand not included*
Keene A52 sluice box classifier
This classifier screen fits the flare
portion of the Keene A52 sluice box.  
The screen has 1/4" mesh holes,
there's approximately 1 1/4" between
the flare and the screen.  At the bottom
of the screen there's an approximately
2" tall "rock stopper".  

Using our sluice classifier screens will
minimize your time spent pre classifying
your material and allow you more time
digging!  Fits perfectly in the flare,
nicely finished edges.

Click on photo for larger view
Flare Classifier Screen: $65.95

Keene Sluice Box Classifier Screen

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Main Line Recirculating Sluice

Main Line Custom Sluice Boxes

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Mainline Custom Sluice Boxes
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Pay pal gold mining drywasher
Mainline Custom Sluice Box
The Mainline Custom Sluice is a beast!  With an overall length of
approximately 62", this sluice will be sure to capture your gold!  
Item #: ML-62    $359.95

- Total length (including removable flare): approx 62"
- Length without flare: approx 48"
- Width: 10"
- Flare width" approx 16.5"
- Weight: approx 27 LBS with shovel attached
- Removable Deep V Mat in flare
- 2 Aluminum riffles
- Top riffle has deep V mat & aluminum expanded metal
- Bottom riffle has deep V mat below miners moss & aluminum
expanded metal
- 27" Shovel attached
- Clamps (pictured below) pull up and outward to remove riffles
Mainline Sluice Latch Handle
Item #
3.33 Amp
7 Amp
10 Amp
Power Converter
These power supply converters will eliminate the need for batteries to power equipment (such as the
above listed recirculating power sluice other gold mining equipment such as the blue bowl, gold wheels,
Gold Cube, super concentrator, etc) when working at home. Simply plug the unit into a 120 volt household
outlet, connect the power clips from your pump/equipment to the connectors and you’re ready to go.
Phone orders welcome!  Pay Pal or credit cards accepted
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Phone orders welcome!  Pay Pal or credit cards accepted
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Garrett Metal Detector Temecula Riverside County
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28900 Old Town Front Street
#101, Temecula, CA 92590
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